Frequently Asked Advanced Joint Pain Relief Questions

Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program helps improve various joint conditions and injuries. Generally, patients feel a significant decrease in pain levels and an increase in mobility in a matter of weeks after starting this therapy program.

Yes, our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program is safe! This unique program utilizes the safest and most effective non-invasive therapy options to date.

Every patient’s condition or injury is unique and may require a different amount of therapy sessions. We develop therapy plans for each patient based on a thorough examination and assessment of the injury or condition. Additional sessions may be provided if new injuries occur or if degenerative injuries arise in other areas. Most patients who try our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program experience pain relief and improved mobility after only a few sessions.

Results depend on the extent of damage to the injured area, the type of condition or injury being treated, and the location of the injured area. Typically, patients respond positively to our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program and even receive pain relief after one therapy session.

Typically, the process can take a matter of weeks, or in some cases, months. Each patient and their condition is unique, which is why we tailor our program to the patient’s individual needs.

At Advance Joint Pain Relief & Pain Management Center of Irvine, we individualize our therapy plans to ensure each patient’s therapy is as successful as possible. During this program you will receive advanced therapy solutions and assistance with rehabilitation tailored to your condition or injury.

As with all medicine, there is no 100% guarantee with the our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program. However, we do cover expected outcomes during the initial consultation. Depending on your condition, additional options may be necessary.

Yes. Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program is not invasive, so it will not disrupt the body or preclude a surgical procedure. After a thorough examination of your condition, we will have a better idea if our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program will work for you. We will inform you if it is determined that surgery would help your condition better than our program.

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